Sonia Booker Enterprises (SBE)

Studio House Atlanta
Located in the heart of Atlanta, Studio House Atlanta was converted amidst the pandemic and protests as the go-to place for socially conscious content. Recognizing the importance of fostering and educating a creative economy, Studio House Atlanta is the perfect industry partner to leverage and maximize your imagination, creation and monetization.  Studio House Atlanta.  Create. Imagine.  Monetize. 

The Vaults

Sonia is Chief Visionary Officer of Vault Industries, and President of the Vault Real Estate Group, where she manages all aspects of re-imagining urban neighborhoods into wellness communities. Sonia opened the flagship location – The Vault at East Point  — in June 2018 and officially started programming in the arts, wealth, entrepreneurship and wellness. In 2020 during the Pandemic, the Vault S.E.E.D. was planted, the Student Education + Event Development Learning Center.  Click the link above to learn more and follow the journey. 

The Vault Foundation

The Vault currently oversees 2 repurposed bank buildings in Atlanta and East Point, Georgia and supports programming in four knowledge pillars: The Arts, Wealth, Entrepreneurship and Wellness.

The Vault Foundation believes that the success of our future generations depends on the type of education they get today. Infused with our curriculum, students learn about the pillars through gardening, yoga, business ownership, financial literacy and various art programs.

Sunny Girl Books

Sonia is the author of the Essence Magazine best seller – Real Estate and Wealth: Investing in the American Dream. This step-by-step guide has helped thousands to be successful.  She followed up this book with Self-Wealth for Women: An Inspirational Book & Journal. This popular book for women was published through Sonia’s company, Sunny Girl Books which assists budding authors in building wealth by sharing their stories. “I met so many women with great stories that the world needed to hear, so I started a publishing company,” says Sonia.

The Inner Circle

For the last decade through the Inner Circle, Sonia has been on the forefront of helping women build wealth for their families and generations to come. Started in her living room, this organization has grown from 12 to over 700 women, from all corners of the world. Over the past 10 years, we have tracked over $10 Million in wealth creation through homeownership, investing, and business start-ups.


The place where Beauty Inside Out meets Business, Innovation and Opportunity. BioBio is the beauty industry’s launchpad for brand exposure, product placement, and service samplings. We focus in the areas of beauty, glam, style and wellness. At BioBio, our team of experts provide an array of experience, expertise, resources, and support toward outcomes and successes.




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