Hi, my name is Sonia, nice to meet you!

I have a passion for helping people to go from everyday living to wealth building. Out of that passion, I have been able to assist thousands in building wealth through starting businesses, purchasing and investing in real estate. Lately I have been getting asked about my take on virtual land ownership, NFTs and so much more, which is why I wanted to bring my experience to life through video and podcast. But more   importantly I want to create an environment that we can learn and navigate together.

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“The future of money is Digital Currency.” – Bill Gates

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The future of wealth building is knowledge. There is a lot of information out there but it is important that we are able to decipher it to understand and see how it fits into our lifestyle and more importantly into our future. I have developed key courses, podcasts and learning vehicles to assist us in obtaining only the best knowledge. Many of my podcasts include my long-term business partner, Gerald Fils, who is a financial advisor, wealth expert and a much bigger deal junky than myself. He helps me to navigate the stock market, and cryptocurrency, I help him to navigate real estate, this makes us such a dream team. With the lack of time that we all face, I started one of my podcast while driving, which is simply called “Podcasting While Driving.” Make sure you’re subscribed, so much great information is coming your way! Welcome to the FUTURE.

Get Ready for the Future of Wealth Building (FOW) Podcast hosted by Sonia Booker The Future of Wealth Building with Sonia Booker is Here. Go from everyday living to wealth building.

On this podcast, take a journey with me as we navigate the new landscape of wealth building one dollar at a time, one property, one stock, one coin at a time! Join me and Gerald Fils as we take you behind the scenes for our everyday wealth building adventures. We will analyze deals, discuss stocks, NFTS and much more. Nothing is off limits!

As a veteran real estate investor with a pulse in the market, I started saying over two years ago that the old strategies we used to locate deals would no longer work. I had no idea how right I would be! In this new real estate market, you need futuristic insightful strategies. I am excited that I released my first course to help new and existing investors to get a game plan. Take the REAL ESTATE & WEALTH COURSE TODAY.