Sonia Booker 

Sonia Booker is a conservative-growth investor who has spent the last 20 years building real-estate enterprises and leading a broad mix of creative industry talent and brands in the US and China.

Sonia Booker Empire (SBE), headquartered in Atlanta, GA, serves as the parent company for real estate holdings and businesses. Initially inspiring the world with a philosophy of ‘One dollar, one decision at a time,’ this mantra morphed into ‘One vault, one community at a time,’ and has established SBE as a progressive and inclusive company of the future. SBE epitomizes the perfect blend of inspiration, creativity and visionary thinking that has earned them national acclaim.

The legacy began in 1999, when the Mississippi born- and reared-Sonia took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta; she left Dallas and her first and only job shortly after completing her M.B.A.  She accepted a position with Allstate Insurance Company because it struck her as an unconventional opportunity to work in the insurance industry. Starting work as a life insurance coordinator, within a year Sonia seized the opportunity to become the youngest agency owner.  Additionally, she was one of the most decorated agents running her own agency, and did so for five years before selling the business for a profit.

Dabbling in real estate investment while an agent, she knew that it was time to go full time into investing. Sonia used the funds from the sale of her agency and went all-in. She started by purchasing single-family residential properties.  With some great successes and a few failures under her belt, she took scrupulous notes; she knew, one day, she would be sharing her experiences and never wanted people to make the same mistakes that she made. Turning around several wayward deals is what led Sonia to write her first book, Real Estate and Wealth: Investing In The American Dream. This book became an Essence Magazine Best-Seller in 2005.  A revised edition doubled its success after the Great Real Estate Recession in 2011. Sonia followed up this book with Self Wealth For Women: An Inspirational Book and Journal.  This book sparked a movement of women who wanted more, who desired to build wealth. 

Sonia’s holdings are birthed out of seeing deep need or despair in the world. “There has never been a company that I started or invested in that I didn’t connect with very deeply,” says Sonia. This is why we consider each project, each person and each company a labor of love. It is our goal to ensure that our message of inspiration, information and empowerment gets out in the world. Today SBE is a one-of-a-kind company for real estate and wealth building education, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, beauty, film and music production. SBE believes that our greatest work is done through building people, investing in the future of education and the Creative Industry. We are proud that we are a company that bridges gaps between real estate, our vaults of talent and community.  These traits are what make us the powerhouse organization that we are.

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