Fall is an exciting season, as we anticipate the leaves falling off the trees, the breeze, the crisp air, and the beautiful colors. There could not be a better season to signify the ending of the year and that things are falling into place!

As I think about beautiful leaves, I couldn’t help but to put the colors of the season into perspective, especially as it relates to this year:

Red is calling attention to the state of emergency in our finances and around the world. Think Red Cross.

Orange is to remind us to stay optimistic. Think positive.

Gold is raising our awareness to be generous and giving in all that we do. Think Wealth Building.

Fall is a great time to plan our finances out. This could be the most crucial season for our finances. Click To Tweet

Fall is a great time to plan our finances out. This could be the most crucial season for our finances. A lot of us have just recovered from back to school shopping and don’t even mention college planning, books, laptops, tudors, etc… it’s a major financial drain when it hasn’t been planned for.

Fall covers two of the biggest holidays of the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. As much as we can think about buying things, planning for the Black Friday sales and now the Thanksgiving Day sales, let’s not forget to plan our giving. Fall also covers New Years, our resolutions, commitments and goals always in hopes of the best year ever!

As we plan out our finances throughout this fall season, here are 3 areas to keep in front of you:

Giving Material Items

Just like we do spring cleaning, let’s do the same thing for fall. It’s time to pull out all of the jackets, sweaters, boots and hats that we didn’t wear last year or they are too small or too big. It’s time to have your kids clean out those dreaded toy boxes to make room for new.

Giving Money

Now is the time to think about how much money you’re going to give and to who or to what charities you’re going to give to. With all of the recent hurricanes, there isn’t a shortage of need out there. Let’s make sure that we are giving our money focus and that are eyes are open to all of the need around us. If you think about it now, when you are approached by Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army, your local church or other organizations, you will have already planned it out.

Giving Time

Think about how much time you are going to spend feeding the hungry, spending time at your local shelter, visiting nursing homes or needy families, giving to your local church to do work in the community.

Dare To Make A Difference This Season

In closing, do something different with your finances, give differently, bigger and pay it forward more. Give away your favorite scarf with a note, or instead of that $20.00 you give Salvation Army plan to give $200. Buy some extra turkeys when you go shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner to give to needy families. Tune in more, listen for where the need is, find voids in your community and fill them. Give to the Hurricane Irma, Marie, and Harvey victims. Share a kind word, uplift someone, speak life or just smile, it goes a long way!

Share some of things that you did on our contact page so that we can share it with other people.

Remember, there’s Inspiration is all around us, we just have to be open to it!

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