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Sonia host a weekly radio show which airs every Saturday on Biz 1190 AM in local Atlanta and online at or you can download the podcast anytime for insight that builds wealth. Set alerts on iTunes or Soundcloud and be notified of new shows as they post.


Sonia offers limited one-on-one sessions for individuals who are ready to start their business. As a long-time entrepreneur Sonia believes what separates success is the planning process. This online time spent will give you a solid foundation for success. Contact us for more information at


Sonia is a Think Realty Coach and provides exclusive content for this platform. In addition, by becoming a Think Realty member you not only have access to videos from Sonia but from dozens of coaches. Learn more and get your FREE Membership!


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For women who are ready to build their wealth and connect with an empowering group of like-minded women. This organization was created for women like YOU! Find out more about how you can become a part of one of the fasted growing online communities of Women Wealth Builders. Visit today.


Sonia released her YouTube channel as a place for people to go and get update information, inspiration and empowerment. Since this time the Channel has grown and Sonia has been appearing on major networks such as NBC, FOX and TVONE. These videos provides timeless wealth building information. Watch NOW.


Sonia re-released her bestseller “Real Estate & Wealth: Investing in the American Dream” in 2014 to account for the change in market conditions. This book is a step by step guide that has help thousands to be successful investing in real estate. In 2016, she released “Self Wealth for Women: An Inspirational Book & Journal”. Pick up a copy.


Sonia loves to take questions but you never know how she will answer it. Sometimes it by blog, on her radio show, YouTube channel or in one of the publications that she writes for. If you have a question, go to our Contact page or send an email to

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