Can you feel it in the air? Stop what you’re doing, find a window, step outside and breathe in the fresh air. Everything is new, visions are becoming clearer as your time in the wilderness has come to an end. The streams are overflowing. See, I’m doing a new thing!

One thing that I know about myself is that I love to build. I put things together and reverse engineer situations. This mindset has served me well over the years starting out as a young entrepreneur, owning an Allstate Insurance Agency at the age of 24. Little did I know I had been earning my title as “The Wealth Builder” since I was 12 years old. See this is the age that I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, although it was not called that at the time. I described it as a person who was in control of their destiny. This thought process came from so many of the people around me like my grandfather, later some of my aunts and uncles would begin to start businesses and I would work for them during summers and holiday breaks. I had been honing my skills for quite some time and felt right at home running my business as one of the youngest agents for Allstate. After building a successful book of business from scratch, I later sold it to embark upon my real estate career. This is where I would learn to re-develop single family housing and later move into more of the commercial side of real estate. What made me successful at these ventures was that I had developed a love of seeing things go from nothing to something. Looking at businesses, real estate and later people not for what it is now but what it had the potential to be.

I became good at spotting amazing talent which allowed me to grow. I understood that I could not do everything myself and that there were people who were much more talented than I was in certain areas. They believed in the vision enough to invest in doing the work. Later, I discovered another layer of my talent. I mean I can literally look at a person and see the next Bill Gates, while they just see themselves as a computer geek or someone who loves to mess around with computers. However, I have learned over the years that even though I could see it, the most important thing was could they see it, and even more importantly were they willing to believe in their greatness.

Most successful people will willingly admit that they know someone who is better or smarter than they are. They are just the ONE who decided to go for it. Against what they could see and what they couldn’t see. Against shaky economic situations, against getting that divorce, against dropping out of college, against never going to college, against becoming a teen mother, against all of the odds, they are just known as the person who went for it!

Over the last year, this has allowed me to see a beauty ministry launched, global enterprises built, an art gallery opened, a youth empowerment conference, a wellness center re-imagined, authors birthed and this was all in just one year! I have seen people latch on to their talents and begin to build unimaginable wealth just by changing their mindset. They began getting out of debt, buying real estate and starting other streams of income, activities having long-term generational wealth impacts.

There are 3 Important Questions that you must ask yourself today:

  1. What are you willing to believe about yourself?
  2. Are you willing to write the vision and make it plain?
  3. Are you willing to go for it?

Well if you are, welcome to the year of Manifestation! The year that what you perceive and believe will become a reality.

Manifestation represents a visible outward expression. Which tells me that in order for something to manifest it must first exist inwardly. If you have already been working on your vision for months or maybe years, the things you couldn’t see will begin to manifest this year right before your eyes. These will be undeniable acts and expressions of your hard work and diligence in staying the course.

Do you not see, have you not heard. I’m doing a new thing. It springs up, I’m making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Can you perceive it? Can you believe it? If so, close your eyes and take a deep breath and as you exhale, blow out all of the hopes and dreams and hold on to your seat because it’s here – 2018 Your Year of Manifestation!

Wishing you great success in everything you put your mind to.

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