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The Beauty Place, 8500 square feet transforms into the Ultimate Curated Experience like no other. BIO BIO is granted access to all things beauty, glam, style and wellness. We believe that a great city like Atlanta is to celebrate. It should not involve our infamous traffic, nor should you have to wait in line for service, decide where to get great food and above all not have to search high and low for that great Southern Hospitality that we are known for. We have thought of everything to make your experience a stress-free delight.

The Business of
Beauty & Wellness

BIO BIO is the place for Beauty Inside Out and Business Innovation Opportunities. We are the industry’s launchpad for brand exposure, product placement and service samplings. Our team experts provide an array of experience, expertise, resources and support for your success beyond the moment of your curated experience.Contact us to meet with our Experience Curator and talk about your many options.