Credit is by far one of the most important elements in the wealth building process. This 3-digit number known as your FICO score can make the difference in determining how much money you keep in your pocket. On a monthly basis having subpar or bad credit (less than a 680 score) can cost you hundreds of dollars and over your life-time can eat away at a substantial amount of your wealth.

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Writing a Dispute Letter

Sonia appeared on Sister Circle Live TV with some Steps for The Disputing Process:

  1. Get addresses of each credit agency from their website.
  2. Mail or file dispute online directly on the company’s website.
  3. Track dates.
  4. I am requesting, under provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 USC section 168Li, that you investigate account.
  5. Add account numbers from credit report.
  6. List reason such as not my account, never made a late payment, inaccurate balance.
  7. Failure to investigate these accounts within a period of thirty days will result in “non-verification” which requires that the account be immediately removed from my credit file.
  8. Important to add “I understand that the Fair Credit Reporting Act that I must receive written notification of corrections and updated credit reports at no charge.
  9. Make sure your address and social security number is on the letter.
    Attach a copy of your credit report.

Contact Credit Agencies

Wealth Builder Restore Your Credit

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Use A Credit Repair Company

There are companies that advertise that they can fix your credit but here’s what you want to know.

  • Keep in mind that you aren’t looking for a quick fix, you are looking to be restored. You want a permanent solution to your credit challenges.
  • Check the Business Bureau and make sure that they aren’t just making claims without any actions.
  • Get referrals. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Use a Credit Building System

There are a few reputable credit systems out there. These are systems that are designed to provide you information about the process and help you take action, not take action for you.

Good credit systems will educate you about the process. Look for systems that provide a lot of information. Remember information is power.

Find a system that is user friendly. How many times have you purchased a kit or signed up for a something that you don’t use. It sounds good but it’s just too cumbersome to use. Again get referrals and write testimonials about systems that you find helpful.​

Roll Up Your Sleeves

  • Go at it alone. Start by going to AnnualCreditReport.com requesting your credit report and dig in.
  • Verify that there are not any errors on your report.
  • Dispute questionable accounts. Maybe the balance is off, or you paid the account off. A lot of things happen in the credit world that leaves a lot to chance. Remember there are lots of errors found.
  • Be vigilant. Don’t stop until you get results!