It’s no secret, I love to learn and I love to share. Recently I got to experience the best of both worlds at the Think Realty National Conference in Atlanta, GA.


OUTSTANDING, ENLIGHTENING, VALUABLE… just three words that come to mind to describe the Think Realty Atlanta Conference last weekend. What I loved about the conference, is that each presenter and panel provided secrets, tips and the ammunition needed to immediately go out with a plan of attack for attaining your real estate investment goals. Phenomenal information shared and even with an extensive real estate background, I learned a ton.

It's no secret, I love to learn and I love to share. Recently I got to experience the best of both worlds at the Think Realty National Conference in Atlanta, GA. Click To Tweet

You know how the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” not only were there a lot of ready students, the teachers showed up and showed out. I count myself extremely fortunate to be among so many informative coaches and industry leaders that I can learn from.

Sharing is caring, so here’s the Top 5 Things I Learned From Think Realty Coaches at National Conference and Expo in Atlanta:

#1 Interest rates and home prices are increasing, but supply is limited. this is brewing to be another perfect storm. Keep your eyes wide open and on the market and do your research. A lively and packed house panel discussion with some of Atlanta’s real estate movers and shakers to center staging in helping us to better understand why Atlanta is the top market for real estate investing. Thanks for the insight and knowledge – Ramon Tookes, Princella White, Dominic Purviance, Robert Gilstrap, Michael Bussell and Shawn Woedl.

#2 Technology is paramount. Artificial Intelligence, AI, Augmented Reality, AR and Virtual Reality, VR. I mean who can keep up, not only is this high-level technology taking the rest of the world by storm, it’s taking over the real estate industry. Look to add technology into your marketing right away. Thanks Coach Linda Liberatore of Secure Pay One for the great insight at the Leadership Circle.

#3 Take a break from the market. Coach Abhi Golhar words to live by were certainly spoken like a person who has been around the block. He gave some good advice to monitor the market and not to overpay for property. Sometimes, we are pushing for a deal that is just not there. I love the reminder of caution.

#4 Everyone in real estate needs their own brand. Be sure that you’re communicating who you are and what you bring to the market place that sets you apart from the pack. Branding information was expertly presented by Coach Ben Rao.

#5 Most national franchise restaurant and retail brands make a big chunk of their profits with real estate. Think McDonald’s, Chick Fil’A, Starbucks, etc., and understand that these franchises own much of the real estate they operate from. Many of these businesses have entire real estate divisions and information on their real estate development needs on their corporate websites. Finding money for commercial real estate investing is easier than you. Many thanks to Coach Pam Goodwin of Goodwin Commercial for sharing her commercial real estate knowledge with us.

Not only did I have a great time at the conference, I am such a big fan of all things Think Realty because it’s the only place that a real estate investor can go to get top notch resources. One of the reasons that I became a coach was because we share a like-minded vision to provide information in a safe environment that fosters relationships. I encourage you to sign up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP if you haven’t already and if you are a basic level member, I encourage you to upgrade for at least a month to just try out all of the bells and whistles for just a dollar a day.

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